Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q. How is Paperless Admin different to other Virtual Reception Services?

A. Virtual reception services ONLY answer phones and managing client bookings, often for a variety of businesses. We provide virtual reception services exclusively for psychologists as well as other key practice support services to free up more of your time cumulatively over the week. You can choose which of these service functions meet your practice needs currently or in the future (none are mandatory and any of them can be added in at any point in the future):

  • Client communications – as well as providing a virtual reception service 6 days per week for phone calls, we can also manage your practice email address and sms communications (we have a designated sms line) with your clients


  • Client admin support – collecting and electronic storage of client referral paperwork and consent forms electronically (using online forms we create for you) before sessions, all data entry and management of your practice management software


  • Client rebates and invoicing – processing of Medicare rebates (and resolution of rebate issues with Medicare for your client), Private Health Invoices, sending invoices to 3rd party funders, insurers or clients


  • Client session payments – you can choose to use our online payment system with NAB that sends clients sms and email payment links for them to pay and store card details for future session payments (or cancellation fees if required). Or  we can operate your online payment system (eg within Health Kit) or you can choose to continue collect payments from clients via Eftpos or collect cash. Whatever payment method you choose you will receive an email notification at the end of each day listing the clients you saw and asking you to confirm that the billing amounts and rebate types are correct (or if adjustments need to be made) before we process them (to reduce the chance of errors)


  • Practice coaching and guidance – Our General Manager and founder Steve is a psychologist and a practice owner himself, and he provides all service users with practical tips and strategies for developing their practices and overcoming common practice challenges when they arise. We can also provide or link service you in with practice coaches, marketing professionals, web developers and other consultants psychologists need to grow their practice and achieve their practice goals – as trying to do all of these things yourself tends to either result in an overuse of your time or important tasks never getting completed/


Q. Processing Session Payments – what are the benefits of using an online payment system? Wouldn’t it be easier for me to continue taking client payments via eftpos?

A. There are several advantages to using an online payment system rather than continuing to use an eftpos terminal:

  • Save you time – you don’t have to spend any time after sessions taking payments from clients
  • Reduce no shows – we are able to take $50 booking deposits ($50 credit towards sessions) off your clients to confirm 1st sessions
  • Collect cancellation fees – most clinics have cancellation fee policies, but are only able to collect these fees from clients if clients return for another session and you remember to take it off them then. Many clients will avoid paying these fees and avoid sessions for this reason. We overcome this issue and deduct the fee and let the client know what has occurred and that they consented to this condition
  • We’ll use an Australian based online payment system that securely stores your clients card details for future session payments, which you will have access to and can deduct payments through if you ever need to.


Q. I currently use an eftpos terminal that I have under a contract- can I keep using that and still use your service instead of using an online payment system?

A. Yes you can continue to use an eftpos terminal, however you just miss out on the benefits of using an online payment system that is described in the question above.

Q. Do I have to use all of your service functions?

A. You are welcome to select which service functions you use and don’t use. For example, some of our service users choose to continue collecting payments themselves via their eftpos terminal at the end of sessions, while others have us collect payment from their clients electronically when clients complete an online payment link.


Q. I don’t currently use a Practice Management Software (PMS), can I still use your service?

A. If you don’t have a PMS we will set one up for you and give you login access to it so that you can access your client information at any time and retain ownership of this even if you don’t continue using Paperless Admin.


Q. Are there any lock-in contracts?

A. No – you are free to cancel your services at anytime, with 4 weeks notice in writing (ie email).


Q. Where are the phones answered?

A. The phones are answered in our Brisbane call centre by native english speakers who are trained to answer common questions about your practice and accessing psychology sessions eg How to get a Mental Health Plan, Explain Medicare rebates, session fees, location details or any other specific details about your practice to enable client bookings and save you time on the phone.


Q. What hours and days of the week are calls answered?

A. Service Users in Tasmania, Victoria and New South Wales and Queensland will have their phones answered Monday to Saturday from 9am to 5pm AEST and AEDST (Daylight savings time). Clients in Queensland have their calls answered 9am to 5pm AEST all year around.


Q. Are there any additional fees or charges associated with using this service. Or do I only pay for the service package that I use?

A. Any fees associated with using  Practice Management Software (e.g Health Kit, Powerdiary), e-fax and payment transaction fees (for using ours or your own card payment facilities), are not covered in our service fees and are owed to those providers. If you require us perform extra tasks outside of the standard services, such as making outbound calls on your behalf or other business related activities we would agree on any costs before proceeding.






Q. How are Medicare rebates and Private Health Invoices processed

A. After each group of sessions you receive a notification to confirm the sessions have occurred. Once you confirm these have occurred, and let us know of any adjustments (Eg charge a cancellation if a client no-shows) we will process the client’s payment and then process their Medicare Rebate for them or send them their Private Health invoice in order for them to claim via their Private Health Provider’s app or online portal.

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