Scenario 2 – Busy solo practitioner, too busy for more clients

Once you’ve established your private practice and a steady flow of new referrals, you can find your resources stretched and a new set of challenges to overcome:

  • Finding time to see all the clients that are referred to you – it can be hard to find time in your calendar for both new clients whilst servicing ongoing clients. Making clients wait several weeks for appointments can not only create ethical and client care issues, but can also deter your referrers who may refer their patients elsewhere if you can’t get their clients in within a couple of weeks
  • Balancing client load over the year – It is common to have seasonal variations in client referrals and session numbers across the year and school terms. Planning and management of these seasonal variations can help you manage your cashflow and give you much needed time off at the end of busy periods
  • A client base that doesn’t contain as many of your ideal clients as you’d like – this may include having proportionally more bulk billing clients than you’d like, seeing too many client presentations you don’t enjoy or have the skill set to support, not seeing enough of the clients you find rewarding and love seeing, client reliability issues that lead to alot of no-shows or last minute cancellations
  • Spending time at the end of the day or on weekends completing admin tasks or managing bookings – you’d prefer to be spending this time with your family or engaging in more personally rewarding tasks, however these tasks need to be done to keep your practice ticking over
  • You allow 15 or 30 minute gaps between sessions between clients to process client payments, scanning documents, Medicare rebates or Private Health Invoices, calling back clients, send appointment reminders as well as write up your casenotes. However you are finding that these periods seem to get busier and you are often left feeling rushed and not in the best headspace for your next session
  • You’d like to increase your weekly income by $500-1000 a week, by seeing an extra client each day, however you just don’t feel that you have the headspace or time to fit them in amongst the admin and practice tasks you have to complete every day
  • You are so busy managing day to day tasks you can’t find the time to work on business planning, managing referrer relationships (so the referrals never dry up) or other high value tasks

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