Reception Services for Psychologists

Virtual Reception Services for Psychologists -How are we different?

Paperless Admin provides virtual reception, call answering and booking support for Australian psychologists in addition to other client admin and billing services that make our service unique relative to other service providers than only provide reception support.

Benefits of having a virtual reception service

Having someone available to answer all your calls and manage bookings and reschedules from 8.30am to 5pm every business day helps to provide a noticeable reduction in interruptions of your time, less things you need to catch up on between sessions or at the end of the day, and generally results in more converted clients. Unanswered calls and making client leave voicemails within business hours deters many potential clients who are motivated to make a booking at the time of calling, and may be less motivated or find another psychologist to see if there are delays in being able to book.

What’s the difference between using Paperless Admin and generic virtual reception services?

Our Australian reception staff are trained to answer calls for psychology clients in an empathetic, helpful manner and are trained to tactfully manage some tricky callers and scenarios that are common to psychology practices. Generic virtual reception services are often cheaper as their receptionists answer calls for a variety of businesses types in large call centres. However our staff are able to offer a more customised and specialised service.

Receptionists are able to answer common questions psychology clients have in relation to topics such as how Medicare rebates work, your availability for sessions and fees, as well as more specific questions about your service such as the presenting issues you are able to support and those that you’re not able to support (client screening). If there are specific questions that our receptionists don’t have the answers to, we will clarify the information with you and then add that question and answer to your practice’s phone answering FAQ sheet for the receptionists’ future reference, to ensure we are constantly developing and improving the quality of the service we provide to your clients.

What tasks do Paperless Admin staff help in addition to virtual reception?

When booking in new clients over the phone, via email or sms receptionists collect any information you specify, including presenting issues, add their data and appointment time into your practice management software (E.g. Health Kit/Halaxy Powerdiary) and send you a message via email or sms summarising the booking for your reference. Our back office admin staff are also able to manage other follow up tasks after the booking or enquiry as required. These follow up tasks might include new clients being sent an email to confirm their first booking details and completing the providing online claiming and consent form before their first session. Our receptionists are also trained to screen out inappropriate referrals as per your requirements, or when you do not have the capacity to take on new clients, offer them alternative options in line with your preferences and ethical obligations for client care.

Benefits of outsourcing your admin tasks in addition to reception?

Our experience has been that client admin tasks cumulatively consume alot of time for psychologists between sessions or on non-client contact days when there are more important activities to be engaged in. Therefore we manage important client admin tasks including collecting client claiming and consent forms digitally from clients before sessions (using our customised online forms adapted to your practice), collecting Mental Health Plans and referral paperwork from clients, data entry of claiming information into your practice management software, collecting and managing client session payments (including collecting deposits off new bookings to reduce cancellations) so that you have less to do. We also manage email and sms communications for our service users and find that sms is the most effective means of communication with clients to resolve time sensitive issues and pass on important information quickly.

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Virtual Reception and Client admin Service for Psychologists
Service Type
Virtual Reception and Client admin Service for Psychologists
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Paperless Admin and Virtual Reception for Psychologists,
105 Northgate Road,Brisbane,QLD-4013,
Telephone No.0730624521
We support practices in New South Wales, Victoria, Queensland and Tasmania during business hours
Paperless Admin provides virtual reception for psychologists, in addition to collecting client consent and claiming forms digitally, processing client admin tasks, collecting payments and processing rebates

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