Scenario 1 – New to solo private practice

Starting out in Solo Private Practice involves learning a lot about running a business, juggling a variety of responsibilities and other roles in addition to seeing your clients.

We provide a practice setup and supervision service for those simply wanting help to get setup, but aren’t ready for regular admin support. We can help you setup Halaxy and Powerdiary and overcome other common practice setup or marketing issues.

Solo practitioners that use our Paperless Admin service usually need our help managing key tasks and avoid common challenges associated with these tasks:

  • Phone booking of clients- trying to answer every call yourself is often not possible and missed calls can equate to lost clients
  • Collecting paperwork and entering data into practice software can be time consuming and results in more work after sessions.
  • Medicare – how to setup and process rebates, understanding how to comply with Medicare’s requirements, setting up Medicare fee items.
  • What paperwork is required, what Privacy risks do you have to manage, what Terms and Conditions do you need client to consent to, what are the options for electronic note taking on tablets.

Paperless Admin provides psychologists like you with the support to overcome these challenges and develop your own thriving practice. Have a consultant psychologist call you back for a no obligation free phone consultation.

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